The Hunter: Call of the Wild’ is the Best DLC Ever! Is it True?

The Hunter: Call of the Wild was released in the year 2017. Since then, the game is trying out different things to create the most beautiful version of a hunting video game. Players have taken hours to analyze the game and share their experiences with everyone. Although spending hours on this game might sound weird, but a perfect review doesn’t exist without proper analysis. Some players killed hundreds of AI-controlled opponents using the shooters. Let us read more about the Hunter: Call of the Wild DLC and the reason behind it is one of the best.

The Hunter Call of the Wild DLC Details

The game showcases the most accurate part of any shooter game. It contains some distinct phases. The first one involves walking around the woods and having intense listening capacity, looking for the right tracks.

The Hunter: Call of the Wild’ is the Best DLC Ever!  Is it True?

Then comes the next phase which is known as the stalking phase. In this phase, the player has to go down to hunt the different animals, ensuring that the animals are unaware of your presence. Remember that The Hunter is the only stealth game that has a smell as its important factor.

Lastly, the game brings about the killing part. Well, you need to have good skills to do so. You have to keep in mind the landing point of the round. There are animals who do not get killed by FPS, which also comes out to be a mistake. So, instead of aiming at the head, go for the lung for a proper kill. It gets done even from 100-plus meter distances. Besides this, using more than two bullets affect your score and time as well.

Final Words

Apart from all the tips, tricks, and skills, one of the most important things required to play this game is your brain and smartness. Players have shared how they wasted hours understanding the DLC map and still did not makeup till the end. So, be smart and spontaneous rather than repeating your mistakes and losing points. Winning the game is not the actual fun, but getting to play with the rifles and tradecrafts gives you real happiness. Overall, Hunter call of the wild DLC is a lovely game with a lot of wilderness.

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