Elden Ring: The Five Best Straight Swords of all Times!

In Elden Ring, the Straight Swords are the most demanding and powerful weapons. Moreover, it is easy to use and causes serious damage to opponents. The Straight Swords are considered the best weapons for beginners because of their pairing quality with the shields, helping the players to stop attacking them.

However, Elden Ring offers plenty of Straight Swords in variety. The players get more excited and overwhelmed. So, we are here with the top 5 Straight Swords that can make your decision of choosing the right sword easier.

The Best 5 Straight Swords in Elden Ring

Elden Ring: The Five Best Straight Swords of all Times!

1. Sword of Knight and Flame

It is one of the favourite straight swords in the game. The Sword of Knight and Flame requires intelligence, scales, strength and 24 faith stats to get started. You will find 2 stances in this sword- the Night stance, having a light magic stream and the Flame stance, allowing you to use fire damage. All these abilities and powers make on one of the best swords in Elden Ring.

2. Ornamental Straight Sword

The Ornamental Straight Sword is the only dual straight sword in the game. You have to win against the tutorial boss in order to gain this sword. You will feel powerful while using it because of its dexterity and strength scales. Besides this, you can also use the dual wield combos to damage the HP metre of the enemies within seconds.

3. Rotten Crystal Sword

It is a sword with the intelligence stat as its speciality. Furthermore, the strength and dexterity stats are also seen. Its Scarlet Rot build-up makes it greater than others. You can use it easily to increase the killing effect.

4. Sword of St. Trina

Coming onto the fourth sword which is the Sword of St. Trina. It is a status-inflicting sword that denotes Sleep status. This straight sword is the only one in this category. A unique thing occurs while using it. It makes the enemies sleep and stops their attacks. Apart from this, a special ability known as Mist of Slumber adds 66 more sleep in the very first use. It keeps on increasing till 136. So, you can use the skill twice for a perfect performance.

5. Miquellan’s Knight Sword

If you want closer damage, you can opt for the Miquellan’s Knight Sword. It has a Scared blade that throws holy magic slashes preventing the holy damage. The sword has Faith, strength and dexterity stats for great physical damage.

So, these were the 5 Best Straight Swords in Elden Ring. We hope this turned out to be helpful.

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