The Best Three Ways To Farm Titanite Scales in Dark Souls III is Here!

Dark Souls III is mostly about upgrading your weapons. Here, Titanite is the substance use seen in the items’ scouring areas. However, it’s not difficult to get them but you need to have plenty of them to upgrade a single weapon. What’s worse than this is that Titanite is of different types and not all of them are suitable for your game. The best ones are the most usable for upgrading the weapons with the best quality. Although a variety of Titanite is available in the game still farming is a completely new chapter. In this article, you will learn about the different ways of Titanite farming in Dark Souls III.

Best way to farm a Titanite scale Dark Souls III

The Best Three Ways To Farm Titanite Scales in Dark Souls III is Here!

1. Titanite Shards

It is the most common Titanite in the game. You can upgrade your normal tools up to a range of 3 using the Titanite shards. However, you need a total of 12 shards to reach the particular point. Players might find it easy to collect a dozen of Titanite shards as they only have to sit in the inventory in Dark Souls III. But, with time it becomes difficult to find them. So, do it in the first few minutes or hours when you need them. Se places where you can find it are the Undead settlement, the road of sacrifices, and the high wall of Lothric.

2. Large Titanite Shards

Next comes the Large Titanite Shards. You can find when after reaching Farron Keep. They are found rarely and increase your weapons by 3-6 ranges. Again, here also you require a dozen of the Large Titanite Shards for a complete upgrading process. These shards become more visible when you start reaching the places like Irithyll of the Boreal Valley and Smouldering lake. So, at that point, you can pick and collect them up quickly.

3. Titanite Chunks

Besides the previous one, this one is also seen rarely. Titanite Chunks are materials of your choice. You can often find them in the wild, upgrading weapons by 7-9 range. Collect twelve of them to upgrade the tools. You can farm the Titanite Chunks from places like Corbian Knights in the Ashes of Ariendel. Another place is the Cathedral Grave Wardens of intended graves.

These were the best three ways of farming your Titanite in the easiest manner.

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