Is Arizona Sunshine Worth Playing? Find Out Here!

Enjoying a game depends on the device you are using. If you want a medium pace zombie shooting game, without much scary and haunted things, you can choose Arizona Sunshine. Be it shooting the zombies or lifting up your arms, everything makes the game different from the same genre games. So, here is a short review of Arizona Sunshine that might help you to make the decision; whether you must play this game or not.

Arizona Sunshine Review

Arizona Sunshine has some setups such as the standard DualShock 4 providing motion tracking, the new PS VR aim controller, and dual PS moves. Besides this, it also provides the players with customizable movement options. If you are playing with move controllers, you will get the best of teleportation and turning using snap. However, locomotion is completely up to you.

Is Arizona Sunshine Worth Playing? Find Out Here!

Apart from this, the game comes with a dual-handed weapon mode which is something unique. Not every gaming industry can think or afford to do this. If we talk about the move controllers, so two of them worked quite well. But, while the underground sectioning, there is a tracking problem where a strange giant flashlight comes in one hand, and on the other hand, there is a firearm. Although it’s a good concept, still it’s risky. Coming to the execution, so it was not as good as it was expected for a PlayStation VR.

Avoid lifting up or gamepad aiming when using the DualShock 4 feature. It will break off immersion-related sensing. After that, you won’t be able to buy any other ability in the same way. There is a campaign that takes a long period of time, about two to three sessions to get finished. As you proceed in the game, a survival mode appears with online support. It is nothing but a horde mode.

Final Words

Is Arizona Sunshine Worth Playing? Find Out Here!

Arizona Sunshine is way more than what is said here. It’s a linear game having only a few surprises. Not only this, but the zombies also show their boredom in some places. The story is also a bit medium sort of thing. Overall, you can rate this game as a moderate one.

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