Destiny 2: The Best Four Titan Finishers and How to Unlock the Finisher?

Destiny 2 deals with the Finishers, the special attacks of the game. Here, the players have to bring down their enemies’ health by 20% in order to use the Finisher. As soon as you trigger, the enemy gets killed. However, the players can still face the attacks during the full animation. If you want to use the Finisher, you need to click the right button or Q key on the console. Here are the best Finishers for Titan in Destiny 2.

How can you unlock the Finishers in Destiny 2?

Unlocking the Finishers for Titan is quite simple. They are cosmetic tools that you can get by purchasing a season pass. It is better to think about getting every Finisher using the pass. Besides this, you can also pick up the Finishers from Eververse. Each Finisher is unique in its own way. All are different from each other. Their animation and execution process makes them your favorite for Titan. Let’s have a look at the best finishers below.

The Best four Finishers for Titan in Destiny 2

Destiny 2: The Best Four Titan Finishers and How to Unlock the Finisher?

1. Fracturing Slam

This Finisher has a look-like hammer along with a slam that can kill your opponent easily. It is considered as one of the most popular finishers because of its amazing killing quality. But keep in mind that the Fracturing slam is the fastest Titan Finisher in Destiny 2. So, use it wisely!

2. Bulwark Hurl

Bulwark Hurl has the Titan present as Sentinel Shiel, and the shamming is done in a to-and-fro motion. The opponent gets killed very swiftly. This Finisher has quick animation and the fire time will notice it easily once for sure.

3. Nail On The Head

Nail on the Head comes with a nail made up of solar energy. You can use it to aim at the head of the opponent to kill it. It finishes them off in no time. This Finisher is in demand because of its nail, thus making it the coolest item.

4. Thunderclap

Thunderclap, as the name suggests, has a clap line motion that uses arc energy to kill enemies. As the name suggests, this Finisher has the greatest animation among all the Finisher I’m Destiny 2. So, you can say that it makes you more powerful and adds a bonus to your gaming strategy.

We hope you use these amazing Titan Finishers to give your best in the game.

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