V Rising: How to Defeat Tristan the Vampire Hunter ?

Are you looking for a perfect guide for the V Rising Tristan the vampire hunter guide? Well, here it is! V rising has the V blood bosses that are some powerful foes. They are the ones rewarding the players with some items including the Vampire powers, blueprints, and amazing crafting tools. This article contains the basic information on how you can find the Vampire hunter and defeat him. Besides this, you will also know about his location and the rewards you will get at the end of winning the combat.

Where can you find V rising Tristan the vampire hunter?

V Rising: How to Defeat Tristan the Vampire Hunter ?

Basically, the Vampire roams around as a V Blood boss. So, it is challenging to find the exact location where he might be present. You can find him traveling in Farbane woods, between Forgotten Cemetery and Militia Encampment in the Dunley woods. Besides this, the Vampire can also be present in Bandit Armory or Bandon Copper Mine.

How can you defeat the V Rising Vampire hunter?

As the Vampire is not stable, you need to use environmental factors against him. Moreover, you also have to keep him away from the streets or the main road. This will help you prevent the vampire from getting into a fight. If we talk about Tristan, he has some hitting attacks, including a sword swipe and overhead swing. You can also see him using the sword for short charging. Be careful in the combat, as Tristan will throw fire arrows at you. Coming onto his last ultimate attack, involves an explosion in the air that leads to the falling of five projectiles onto the ignite. 

V Rising: How to Defeat Tristan the Vampire Hunter ?

However, the battle is not so difficult but you need to maintain a safe distance from him. If you get caught in his attacks, you will get destroyed. That’s why you need to use various tools and abilities such as Chaos Volley and Chaos Barrier to block the Vampire’s attack.

Final Words

So, this was a small guide that will help you all to enjoy the game win against the V Rising Tristan the Vampire hunter. One more thing you must know is the rewards that you’ll receive after winning the fight. The first one is the Vampiric power (Blood Hunger) and the second one is Recipes ( Greater blood essence).

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