All Champion’s Path Rarity: A Complete Review of The Game

Although Pokemon TCG community is in the hype because of the latest Vivid Voltage expansion, but all Champions Path Rarity is still in the long run. You might think about the reason behind it being so popular. Well, one special thing about Champion’s path rarity is its selling technique in pin collection, unlike other expansions that you can buy using some booster boxes or packs. Champion’s Path can also get sod using premium collections as well as special boxes such as the Elite Trainer Box. 

Players believe that this small expansion is way more than one can expect it to be. The Charizard chase cards and many other features contribute to its popularity. This article is a sort of All Champion’s Path Rarity review that will help the readers to get an overall idea about the game.

The Cards in All Champion’s Path Rarity

All Champion's Path Rarity: A Complete Review of The Game

All champion’s paths have some beautiful collections of cards. The design of the cards are next level, however, the collection is not so much in number like other expansions. Talking about the highlights, it has Hatenna line and VMAX, both are stunning. The Shiny Charizard V secret rare and most beautiful Charizard VMAX rainbow rare are indeed overhyped. That’s why Champion’s Path Rarity is known for its cards all around the Pokemon TCG community.

Drawbacks of Champion’s Path Rarity

Coming onto its drawback, so, Champion’s Path Rarity has fewer holographic cards. Suppose you collected 10 Champion’s Path packs, you will have multiple cards of Hatterene, Centiskorch and Machamp. On the other hand, you will struggle in getting a regular rare card or the holographic one as they are lower in amount. Moreover, it becomes boring and tiring to search the ultra or hyper cards because of the standard card variety issue.

Presentation of the Pokemon set

Champion’s Path Rarity has the best special set presentation, different from all other Pokemon expansions. The presentation is its specialty that makes the players enthusiastic and remembers Pokemon TCG for a longer period. Though it’s a small set, but the variety makes it unique. Apart from this, there are gym boxes and a Marine Premium collection along with some booster packs, pins, and more. But players mostly focus on the Elite Trainer Box to get the Charizard promo card.

Final Words

If we would have to rate the game then it’s seven out of ten. Looking at its overall performance criteria, Champion’s Path is all ups and downs. But among all, you cannot ignore its highly desirable rare cards that make the players to do anything for collecting them.

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