The Crew 3 Release Date: What Are The Current Plans of Ubisoft?

The Crew 2, released in 2018 is a racing game that comes with a huge map allowing you to explore the entire USA. It is an open world game, created by Ivory Tower and Ubisoft published it. In Crew 2, there are air planes and boats which gives you the pleasure to travel by water, land and sea.

You must have played Forza Horizon before. Likewise, Crew 2 is an alternative to Forza Horizon but popularity wise, Crew 2 is on the top due to its availability on numerous platforms. In the year 2021, Crew 2 came out to be the most downloaded video game on PS. Fans are now excited for the third part, i.e., Crew 3 to get released soon.

The Crew 3 Release Date: What Are The Current Plans of Ubisoft?

Is Crew 3 under development?

In 2021, fans found out a suprise while data mining their respective updates. This suprise was none other than the sequel to Crew 2. Fans discovered some screenshots showing the new project in Hawaii named as Orlando.

And, the rumour of Crew 3′ development went in air very quickly. If you are not familiar with Orlando, then it’s actually a pre-planned DLC which was about to get launched for Crew 2. But this could not happen due to some inner reasons. According to the screenshots, its sure that the new project Orlando will get released. But, whether it will be a new DLC or the sequel to Crew 2 is not known yet!

The Crew 3 Release Date: What Are The Current Plans of Ubisoft?

When can you expect The Crew 3’s release?

The Crew 3 was expected to launch in March 2022. However, Ubisoft did not make an official announcement regarding this but it mentioned the upcoming plans regarding Crew 2. So, you can expect that The Crew 3 is not going to come this year atleast.

Final Words

According to insiders, Ubisoft might announce The Crew 3 at the end of this year. You can expect its release by 2023. It will most probably launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox series X and PC. Let’s hope for a bigger open world racing game soon!

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