7 Days to Die Beginner Tips For a Good Start!

7 Days to die is one of my favorite and best post-apocalyptic zombie survival game. As this game features a smooth progression of levels and perks not much fast and neither too slow. And also features a random procedural map too you can play this game solo or multiplayer with friends depending what suits your playstyle, and here are few 7 days to die beginner tips.

Don’t ignore it Just scrap it!

7 days to die Beginner Tips For a Good Start!

Annoyed with full inventory? Try scrapping instead or ignoring or dropping. All the common items you get in-game every time you loot and keep the scrap for future use. You will need them on a forge or other crafting items.

Use a knife to salvage meat!

7 days to die Beginner Tips For a Good Start!

A knife is the most underrated item in 7 days to die.In this, the most common issue you will face is hunger and thirst if you are not prepared for it, and a knife can easily salvage more meat from the hunted animals. And can also be used for close combats.

 A Good Base!

7 days to die Beginner Tips For a Good Start!

Selecting a good base is a hectic job if you for perfect resources and gathers. It is possible to make a base from scratch in this game but if you really want to save time and resources, renovating an existing structure is the best choice. Choosing a house is based on personal preference but if you’d ask me then i would go for the flat roof and less floored house. its easier to renovate and customize and you get more room on the roof to scout the area closeby.

Make a separate place for production!

7 days to die Beginner Tips For a Good Start!

By this I mean to keep your production place away from your main base as this place radiated a big amount of heat which will attract more zombies to that place. Some examples are forge, workbench, cement mixer, and so on. Campfire attracts zombies as well so if you want you can make a separate place to make food.

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