Dead By Daylight: Resident Evil Project W Update

Dead by Daylight is having a crossover with Resident evil. That means we have new characters to play with. We already have some of the characters for resident evil like Leon and Nemesis now we are getting more.

The new update 6.2.0 is called Dead by Daylight Resident Evil Project W. In this update, we are getting three new killers, one is the killer and the other two are the survivors. In killer, we have the Mastermind also known as Albert Wesker. On the survivor side, we have Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers.

The Mastermind

Dead By Daylight: Resident Evil Project W Update

Also known as Wesker have inhuman strength which he has in this early mutation phase. He is infected with the prototype virus which gives him his power Virulent Bound.

When you hit a player with Virulent Bound they get infected. After getting hit by Virulent Bound multiple times the player will revive a critical infection status effect. When the effect is active the player will have their movement speed reduced and also in the next hit kill will carry you instead of downing you.

Ada Wong

Dead By Daylight: Resident Evil Project W Update

Ada Wong is mostly rescuing people in the game and series so her perks are similar to that. All of her perks are stealth-type.

Wire trap: This perk allows her to know when the killer gets near her while she is repairing the generators.

Reactive Healing: This perk helps you grant a percentage of your missing health progression in your injured state when other survivors lose a healing state.

Low Profile: This perk hides your scratch marks and pool of blood when you are the last survivor.

Rebecca Chambers

Dead By Daylight: Resident Evil Project W Update

Rebecca Chambers has the perks of and medic because of her knowledge of medicines.

Better than New: This perk increases the action speed of healing, cleansing, inlocking, and blessing by a certain amount of percentage.

Reassurance: This perk stops the skill check phase for a moment for the survivor if the survivor reaches the struggle phase.

Hyperfocus: This skill grants you tokens if you hit a perfect skill check. You get a maximum of six tokens which helps you in the progression of the generators.

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