Assassins Creed Codename Red Release Date,Trailer and more!

The assassins Creed series is one of the best history/story-telling stealth games developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. This game has now been divided into two gameplay styles: the old school and the Open-world with Rpg Elements. Talking about old school is more like story driven and less leveling necessity. And the open world has bigger maps and more exploration to do. And this topic we will be discussing about Assassins creed Codename Red.

Assassins Creed Codename Red Release Date,Trailer and more!

Assassins Creed Codename Red

There is not much information about the game, yet this game Takes place in Feudal japan, more like shinobi, or you can say, ninja. This game is also highly anticipated in the upcoming release series as Ubisoft also revealed assassins creed mirage for console and pc and codename jade(or china) for mobile players. This game will feature an open-world game style, as officially revealed by Developer Marc-Alexis Cote.

Trailer Tweet 

Release Date

There is no exact Release Date for Assassins creed Codename Red as Assassins creed mirage will be releasing Next Year(2023). And they also have assassins creed project jade too, So this game may take a year like 2024 or so. we will never know until Ubisoft officially announces it.

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