This New Genshin Impact Leak Claim Dori as Free Character in Future Update?

Genshin Impact is one of the most trending and successful games of this era. This Action-RPG was both developed and published by miHoYo and was first released first on Windows, Mobile phones, and ps4 and later it was released for the latest The Ps5. In this topic, we will be discussing a Genshin impact leak.

There have been few leaks around the internet about genshin impact on free four-star characters in the upcoming update. As Hoyoverse(Developers) Loves to give away free copies for players who finished the update limited quests.

This New Genshin Impact Leak Claim Dori as Free Character in Future Update?

Leak information

As one of the leakers said, Dori, the electric type support healer, will be given away in the new update 3.2. Dori is part of the ongoing Second phase banner for Genshin impacts version 3.0, featuring two popular five-star characters, Ganyu and Kokomi. I’ve no idea if this is true or not, but if it is, players must wait for the 3.2 update and save wishes for other characters to unlock and to prevent wasting the wishes.

About Dori

Dori is an effective merchant from the Sumeru region who mostly collects Mora. And not only Dori is an effective trader, but she is also helpful in battles as she is an electric type fighter and also a healer. Another ability of Dori is to recharge the energy or the comrades. As she has a kit that summons jinni, and then jinni connects and constantly restores HP based on the max health.

If a player needs a healer as well as support, one can rely on Dori’s electro and healing abilities.

Release Date

As per the leak, Genshin Impact 3.2 is scheduled for the start of November. Till then, let’s save the wishes for unlocking other characters. There is also a Switch version under development coming soon So stay tuned!

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